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Off-Site Backups

Here are some key points about off-site backups:-

  • Purpose – They are primarily for the unlikely event of natural disasters (fire, earthquakes, etc.), burglary and so on (see statistics on the homepage). It may also be if data needs to be restored from the daily backup but it is faulty as well — this is extrememly unlikely but still possible. It's even possible that you may want to recover data from a few years ago
  • Location – For very important data, there should be off-site backups in more than one location. You might do an off-site backup to the secondary site location less often than the primary off-site backup location 1
  • Frequency – For most businesses, off-site backups would be done a lot less often than the automated daily backups 1
  • Very Old Data – You can enable the Full File History option so that you can recover data from years ago if necessary 2
  • Online Backups – For small amounts of data (a few gigabytes) then an online backup system could be used
  • Easy To Do – Off-site backups need to be simple and easy to do otherwise they won't get done 3

1 The frequency of off-site backups and number of sites is a decision for the system administrators and management to make.

2 Tip: Removable drives are quite cheap these days, so get a big removable drive.

3 The staff at Fast-Backup have done everything they can to make backing up to a removable drive as simple and fast as possible. When you do your first backup to the removable drive, a shortcut is created on the removable drive so that next time you do a backup, all you need to do is click on the shortcut – all the settings you used last time are also saved in the shortcut. All backups after the first backup should also run a lot faster than the first backup.

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