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Full File History

From the stats on the homepage you will see that about half the time that we need to recover data, we don't want the most recent backup, but we might want one that was done before that. This is why a full file history backup software is essential.

For example:-

  • Someone may have deleted a file a week ago but it has only been discovered today
  • A file might have got corrupted two weeks ago but because it is not accessed very often, it was only discovered today
  • Someone may have updated a document for a new company policy but the company policy has been cancelled and put back to how it was. Now we want the old document back again
  • A programmer might want to look at old versions of a set of files because of a new problem which is difficult to track down
  • Sometimes you may need to look at how a file was changed on a daily basis for part of an investigation
  • A virus might have got into the system a month ago but has only been discovered today

If you are doing automated daily backups and you have a sufficiently large backup drive, then data for all the above scenarios can be recovered.

The number of days you can go back depends on the size of the backup drive and how many changes are made each day. With the Full File History feature enabled, the backup drive will fill up to 99% of the hard drive before deleting OLD folders to make room for the current backup.

Please note that Full File History is a Pro feature.

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