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Free Support – Fair Use Policy

Customers who purchase Fast-Backup are entitled to free support, but to qualify for free support, the user must:-

  • Be Reasonably Computer Literate
    Any user who is not reasonably computer literate, and does not know the basics of how to use or navigate an operating system, really should be using the professional services of a computer technician. "Free Support" does not mean "Free Computer Training".
  • Show Reasonable Initiative to Solve the Problem
    Fast-Backup includes extensive online support and an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page which explain in detail how Fast-Backup should be used. If you are stuck, and don't know how to move forward, please make sure that you have a look at these resources first.
  • Not Use Our Tech Support for General Computer Problems
    We only give tech support for Fast-Backup — not for any other software.

Technically, as a registered user, you are entitled to THREE free support emails. In reality however, we don't count the number of emails that you make — but if you email us too frequently, then we'll start counting. We consider that is more than fair. If you do need more than three free support emails, then additional support can be purchased for $50 for another three emails.