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Backup Software Comparison: Fast-Backup Free Vs Pro Version

Still not sure whether you need the free version of the Fast-Backup software or the full suite of features offered by the Pro version? The backup software comparison below shows you at a glance what is and isn't included in the Free version. The Pro version gives you Full File History, Automatic Daily Backups and Smart-Share for even safer, faster and smarter backups.

Features FREE PRO
Lightning Fast Backups
Because only modified files are updated, Fast-Backup runs each subsequent backup at lightning speed.
Ease of Use & Fail Safe
Fast-Backup has an incredibly simple interface and also has fail-safe functionality to prevent mistakes.
Off-Site Backups
Plug in a removable/USB drive and double click the "Fast-Backup" icon. This will quickly update the content on your removable drive.
Free Email Support
We give free email support (subject to our terms and conditions). Try getting that from the other backup vendors.
Full File History
Recover deleted, modified or corrupted files from several backups
earlier. More >>
Automatic Daily Backups
Set up a daily backup to run every night from your main drive to either a backup drive or another computer. More >>
Optimize network bandwidth based on your "Speed" setting to minimize disruption to other users on the same network. More >>
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