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Time – The No. 1 Reason Why People Don't Backup

One of the main reasons that people don't do their backups is that it is just too time consuming. By introducing a fast backup software that's extremely easy to use, we are hoping that people will do their backups more often.

Imagine If Backups Ran 100 Times As Fast

When people use conventional methods to backup to a CD/DVD, a tape drive, or to a removable drive with a Windows copy, the whole drive is copied every time.

This is very slow and tedious compared to Fast-Backup which only:-

  • Copies the files that have changed
  • Adds files that have been added
  • Deletes files that have been deleted

What this means is that if only 1% of the data has changed since the last backup, then the backup will run about 100 times faster.

This is very significant from a usability point of view, because if a backup takes minutes instead of hours, then you are much more likely to do the backup.

The fact that we have made the backup process simple, fast and FREE means that people no longer have an excuse for not doing backups. This is just one reason Fast-Backup is the best backup software available for backing up to USB.


Wouldn't it be great if your backup software ran quickly when no-one else was using the network, and automatically slowed down when other people were using the network? Well, here's the good news. Fast-Backup does just that. If you, for example, set the Speed to 50%, then it will run at about 70% when no-one else is using the network but will run at about 30% when other people are using the network. This gives you the best of both worlds – a fast backup but at the same time minimizing its impact on other users.

Selected Speed Actual Speed
(Network Is Idle)
Actual Speed
(Network Is Busy)
75% 85% 40%
50% 70% 30%
25% 40% 20%

"Is it even possible to have a backup program that runs as fast as this?" – Eric Schwerzel

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